Wednesday, 2 January 2008

Happy New Year

Happy New Year! We landed on a cold winter's day back in England from our amazing round the world trip. We met so many friends and relatives, and made many new friends too! It was a wonderful experience to visit so many places and see what God is doing in various parts of the world. We are so thankful for the great time we so enjoyed and all the memories recaptured in our photos.

A few days after returning home Avril went into hospital for surgery for breast cancer. She is making a good recovery and we were all able to enjoy Christmas with some of our family. Next week we go to the hospital for the results of the tests that they have done. So in a way we are facing an uncertain future because we don't know exactly what treatment may be recommended. But we hold on tightly to the One who holds the future and us in His big hands.... Our loving Heavenly Father. So we have peace and know that God is with us. We wish you peace and joy in this coming year too!
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