Tuesday, 23 October 2007

Chilling in Singapore and Macau

We had a great time chilling in the heat of Singapore with our friends Andrew & Janis. Andy also arrived to add to the fun, especially in the pool with their children. We ate wonderful Chinese food each day, enjoyed shopping and a memorable walk around the Reservoir where we first walked nearly 40 years ago when we were expecting Andy!! Memories!

Church on Sunday morning was great with a real sense of worship and the Lord's presence. Avril received some faith-filled prayer for healing and will continue to do so everywhere and anywhere we go!!

Yesterday we left Singapore for Macau via Hong Kong! Once we landed in HK we needed to get a train and bus to the boat which took us to Macau. So now we are with our good friends Tim and Linda. It is 10 years since we were in Macau and it is changing with many more casinos here now.

We had the opportunity to pray with Tim who has Hepatitis C and is receiving pretty awful treatment in as much as it has given him bad side effects. When we attended a meeting in Bagley we picked up a prayer cloth. Today we laid it on Tim's liver and believe God to heal him. We will wait to see what God does.

Tomorrow we are off again - to Japan this time to catch up with Andy and enjoy sharing his life and friends there. It sounds like we will be running with (or after) him as he has got quite a schedule for us but we too have friends to visit there so it should be a great time.

Now I have sussed this blog thing out our next posting will be from Japan and you can find out what we are doing. Hopefully will be able to put some photos on soon too!!

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