Saturday, 3 November 2007

Honestly - We are in Japan!

This is a picture of us all under the Japanese Cherry Tree for those who are doubting our Japanese experience. Yes, we know it could be anywhere but we really are here!
It has been a great week as we have been to an Alpha celebration and met folks involved in Alpha. To hear the many stories of lives transformed by God as a direct result of Alpha is thrilling. One pastor has baptised 32 people in 5 years through Alpha. Quite something here in Japan. We had lunch with this pastor and a homeless man who has been converted but still homeless but happy in God. He is cutting grass to get money which he insists will help towards Alpha course. He and his mother had a suicide pact as they lost everything and he survived! But he was full of guilt and no hope - until he met Jesus.
We have been on bullet train but found it hard to get a decent picture as it whizzes along. You should have seen Avril running along the platform!! Also we got involved in a Japanese Green Tea Ceremony and Avril became the Tea Master actually making the green tea according to Japanese tradition. We have stayed with friends who live half-way up a mountain and enjoyed lots of wonderful fellowship. Truly we have met some beautiful people who are living out their lives for God here. Had opportunity to pray with them and laugh with them too!
We are so grateful to be able to share in Andy`s life, work, and friends here. It is so good to see the work he is involved with and feel the impact Alpha is making all over Japan. Seeing different denominations coming together and working together is extraordinary in the extreme here in Japan. So God is good and we are thankful for this fantastic opportunity God has given us to come here.
On Monday we go to the Philippines to meet our friends whom we have not seen for 27 years. Our children grew up together in Bangladesh so we have a lot to catch up on. Also our hearts will be listening to what God is saying about this nation and any future involvement we may be able to have.
We have walked miles, run up and down hundreds of steps, caught many trains, seen some beautiful sights and felt God`s hand on this nation of Japan here. And finally there are pictures for those of you who have been bemoaning the lack of such. What an amazing time we have had here. We thank God for it all!


Stephen Munday said...

Those cherry trees could be anywhere. How do we know they are really in Jqpan?

Leo&Clare said...

Keep chasing those bullet trains - you look well relaxed :-).

Phil said...

My goodness can hardly believe that its been 3 weeks since you went. Good to see you both looking well. Keep having a fab time, can't wait to hear about all your adventures, lots of love Phil and Jan. x