Friday, 9 November 2007

Left Luggage

We are whizzing around the world so fast that our luggage is struggling to keep up with us! We had short time in Hong Kong after arriving from Manila to catch our flight to Auckland! We made the flight but our luggage didn't! So we have bought a few basic essentials and are hopeful that we may be re-united with our luggage today.

Avril's cousin Quentin and his wife Daphne met us at Auckland airport and we went to our very good friend Mary's house where we are staying. Re-unions are wonderful things. We thank God for this amazing trip.

On Monday we head down south but still in North Island to the Fatherheart ministries and join in a meeting there. Mary and her dear Mum are coming with us. We are really looking forward to that. As well as staying with another friend the next day we are hoping to visit another of Avril's cousins who is in hospital following hip surgery.

It's coming into summer here so it's warm and sunny, the birds are singing and the evenings drawing out....and we are making the most of it!

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