Saturday, 1 December 2007

Ozzie, Ozzie, Ozzie

Well here we are in Melbourne, having arrived today to be with our very good friends from Bangladesh days and it's wonderful to see them again and their lovely family.

We had no idea what a sleepy hollow Canberra, the capital of Australia is and when we went to get a bus to church on Sunday morning discovered that buses don't run on Sundays! The taxi rank did not have a cab in sight so we went back to the motel and rang for one which would have been a very good idea in the first place!!

But Canberra might be sleepy but God's people in Canberra certainly are not. The Conference got thicker and stronger with the presence of God as the week went on! We have been so blessed, refreshed and feel cleaner and closer to God which has to be very good indeed. God is so amazing and we are in awe of such a Loving Father God who paid such a price for our salvation.
One lady came with a zimmer which was very difficult to get up the steps and then she got healed and came in without it to the rapturous applause of us all. God is on the move and revealing Himself in so many ways.

It is very hot here in Melbourne and the birds are singing as we enjoy this beautiful long summer evening. What surprised us was when we saw a young girl on the roof putting up her Christmas lights. It doesn't feel like Christmas and we are enjoying this bonus of another summer, especially when we see the temperatures at home. But we wouldn't want to make you feel envious, would we?

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