Thursday, 6 December 2007

Sunny Sydney

Over the last week we have met many old friends and relatives and this time we stood in Sydney airport wondering where our friend was. Well actually he was standing nearby but we didn't recognise each other!! Both he and Phil had beards/moustaches years ago and we figured that was the reason. However, we only had to be with him for a matter of minutes before it felt like old times. Isn't it marvellous how you can go years without seeing someone and meet them again and catch up as if it was yesterday - and that's how it has been all through our trip.

Today started with a thunderstorm but soon cleared up with wonderful sunshine, so we headed off for the sights of Sydney. We got a day pass which meant we could ride bus, train or ferry and really enjoyed ourselves. As the ferry was included we took one over to Manly beach and so had teriffic views of the opera house and Sydney harbour bridge. Also we went up the Sky Tower and looked all over Sydney which was quite spectacular. So we have had a fun day and we hope you have too!

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